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Skin and Body Products

Skin and Body Products

Treat yourself to an amazing spa day every day. . .

Our products cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize so there is no need to use an expensive 3-5 step skin care system when B-A-NU-U is a 3:1 product for less than others.

Skin and Body Collection
Shower and Bath Products

Shower and Bath Products

Handmade Soaps each unique with no two alike. The soap produces a luxuriously soft foaming lather that moisturizes and cleanses the skin. It is HANDS down by far the best soap you will ever use. Be prepared to be addicted and the talk of the town with this remarkable product. YOU WILL BE WALKING ON CLOUD NINE ALL DAY LONG!

Shower and Bath Collection


  • Natural & Wholesome

    A natural way to soften and exfoliate your skin without leaving residue on the pores. Our products are safe for all skin types. They deeply moisturize your skin and leaves it well hydrated longer. Our products balance skin oil and leaves your skin healthier with a more radiant glow. They are non-abrasive, but strong enough to remove dead skin cells. When it performs the task of exfoliation, it is improving and increasing blood circulation. It is a gift that keeps giving on more levels than one!

  • Spectacular Aromatic Fragrances

    Imagine being wisped away to a hidden island, hair slowly and chaotically flowing with the wind as it gently hits your face, as you are slowly riding along the shoreline on a beautiful sleek stallion taking in the lush aromas distinctive to the tropics. Now, imagine your senses being invigorated with an exhilarating crisp breezy scent with a tropical undercurrent of exotic verbana mixed with a twinge of tangy lime. ARE YOU THERE YET?

  • Why are we different?

    We care about you as a unique and special person. We will always strive to honor you and serve you with the best products we can create. Without you, we cannot serve you, nor can we exist or achieve our vision and dream. Our desire is to grow with you, and for you to become an important part of our B-A-NU-U family.

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The sense of smell is one of the most powerful of the five senses. Since technology has not yet created a way to smell or feel through the computer, it is our hope that with your help, our products will come to life to you as you close your eyes and feel, smell and visualize the aroma and allow the descriptions to reveal the excellence of the products you will be purchasing.
B-A-NU-U lifts your spirits by renewing you and your skin, thus producing a Nu-U!





Our products can last up to 12 months, but we recommend you use it right away why delay the benefits of this fabulous product by letting it sit in a jar?


Salt scrubs are more abrasive with sharper edges that can cut the skin; whereas sugar is by far more gentler to the face. Sugar scrubs dissolve easily after exfoliating and are less drying. Sugar also naturally contains gycolic acid which has many benefits for the skin; and in particular, helps protect the skin from harmful toxins!


How many of you have 2 extra hours a day for face preparation before running off to your busy schedules with work, kids, exercise and travel to and fro? Our products take very LITTLE time to apply and given the little time needed, the results are priceless! Another benefit – more time for you and what you enjoy! Our fabulous sugar scrubs afford you the flexibility to cater to all areas of your skin individually! To the dry areas, you add more liquid. To the oily and problem areas, you add more exfoliant. A little goes a looong way – some customers claim obtaining 120 applications from the jar. Good for you – bad for me! The product cleanses, exfoliates and moisturizes so there is no need to use an expensive 3-5 step skin care system when B-A-NU-U is a 3:1 product for less than others. We cannot make any claims for treatment of any skin conditions, but we can guarantee that …… This sugar scrub will leave your skin feeling silky, healthier and smooth. This is one carbohydrate that won’t cause your sugar to spike!! One of the amazing benefits of B-A-NU-U is that our products can be customized to your skin. YES, Absolutely, B-A-NU-U products are safe for all types of skin --including babies and children! Why wait to start late with a good skin care regimen... Don't delay start today.


Our products are so great that we want you to use every last drop! After all your skin deserves the very best and all of it down to the last scoop! When a tube is used much of the product remains in the container and is unusable. All of our products are absolutely fabulous that you only need to use a very small amount to accomplish great results with your skin so expect something great in a small container. Our products are labor intense but created with love and precision because you are worth it!


I cannot attest to other product lines, but I can say with certainty, that our products are safe and gentle enough to exfoliate twice daily if needed to both face and body. The key to great skin is not just adequate water hydration and a well-balanced diet, but most importantly, THE USE OF B-A-NU-U products. The purpose of exfoliation, if done regularly, promotes better circulation by massaging the skin and moving blood and lymph, thus tightening the skin and improving muscle tone and removing dead skin cells to prevent acne and delay wrinkles. Exfoliate with B-A-NU-U products and pamper your skin by allowing it to become refreshed and rejuvenated unlike any other product.


Our scrubs are all natural without preservatives added. You might ask then without preservatives how does bacteria stay away? Bacteria requires oxygen and water to grow. Our scrubs are created with multiple oils and not water which is not an environment that bacteria can grow. It is, therefore, important to keep your lids on your products tightly and to use the provided spoon and/or shell with your products to avoid introducing water into your product. Some of the ingredients used in our products act as a natural preservative. For example, Vitamin E is one such product. Coconut oil contains antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Almond oil contains all of the above properties in addition to antiseptic properties as well.

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