The Renew Rewards Program

The Renew Rewards Program is a small token of our appreciation of you.  The Renew Rewards Program is designed especially for you and free of charge.  This program is a small way that we can let you know  how special you are to us.  It is a way to celebrate you and your uniqueness and special qualities and to reward you for choosing the Best of the Best in skin care!
Renew allows you to save money on products you need that will make your life easier and your skin amazing so spread those wings, and put to flight a Nu-U!.
Here's how it works:
For every $200 you spend from January 1 to December 31 of any given year, you will earn a 25% discount on future products. What exactly does that mean? 

Lets say in January you place an order for $50 worth of products (excluding tax and shipping).  In March you place another $50 order and then again in May, another $50 order and then again in July another $50.  You have then just earned yourself a 25% discount on next product purchase.  So in September, you place another order for $50 - your 25% discount a savings of $12.50 off this order, then you have $37.50 towards your next $200 purchase.  So in November, let's say you spend $100.00, then you would need to spend $62.50 more by December 31 to get another 25% discount because January 1, the ballot begins again from zero.  

Another benefit of being enrolled in the Renew Rewards Program is that we want to take the opportunity to honor you on your special day -- the day you entered this world -- your birthday!  We would be honored to send you a special gift to help you celebrate.  Gifts may vary and are at the discretion of B-A-NU-U.

Being part of the Renew Rewards Program, you are also eligible to be selected to try new products  that we have been working on for possible new launching in the future. We will only select those individuals enrolled in the Renew Rewards Program to participate, and your responsibility would be to provide us with truthful and beneficial feedback based on your experience and use of the potential new product. If you refer a friend with correct contact information, you will receive a 10% discount on products to be used in your next order. Only one coupon per order can be used, which excludes combining multiple discounts.