Body Souffle


This product is light and fluffy amazingly absorbable moisturizing product that can be used throughout the day for multiple applications.  Used at night and wake up to an extremely unbelievably soft body that you might think is not yours!  Use in the morning, and it could protect your skin from the effects of the foundation, blush and any other beautifying products you use before beginning your day.  This product will leave your skin feeling soft, supple and OH SOOOO Smooth!

Available in a 6 oz container
All natural ingredients


 Vanilla- A familiar and popular sweet smelling cozy scent. It is both classy and enchanting with a staying power.  It is a tender dream with irresistible charm and keeps your nose returning several times before closing the container.  Don’t get caught with your nose in the soufflé!
Mango Peach Fusion

Immerse your sense in this uplifting wonderful aroma that authentically fuses the tropical surprise blend of sweet mango and juicy peaches mixed with a delightful texture of the soufflé is good enough to eat, but don’t do it!