Sugar Scrub



A product unlike anything you have ever experienced before or will ever experience again.  You must be cautioned that you will not be able to keep your hands away from your face because you will be absolutely amazed at how soft you skin is.  We’re talking movie star soft!  Why pay an exorbitant amount of money for a spa treatment when you have the best with B-A-NU-U.  Treat yourself to an amazing spa day every day.  What makes my product so amazing you ask.

 It is SIMPLE to use, but extremely EFFECTIVE and safe to use daily or twice daily if needed
How many of you have 2 extra hours a day for face preparation before running off to your busy schedules with work, kids, exercise and travel to and fro? My product takes very LITTLE time to apply and given the little time needed, the results are priceless!  Another benefit – more time for you and what you enjoy!
Each person’s skin texture changes daily based on temperature, environment, foods and multiple other causative agents that leave some areas dry on the skin and others more moist and oily leaving blemishes and pimples. Guess what?  My fabulous sugar scrub affords you the flexibility to cater to all areas of your skin individually!  To the dry areas, you add more liquid.  To the oily and problem areas, you add more exfoliant.
A little goes a looong way – some customers claim obtaining 120 applications from the jar. Good for you – bad for me!
The product cleanses, exfoliates and moisturizes so there is no need to use an expensive 3-5 step skin care system when B-A-NU-U is a 3:1 product for less than others.
This sugar scrub will leave your skin feeling silky and smooth.
This is one carbohydrate that won’t cause your sugar to spike!!
Available in a 2 oz container
All natural ingredients                     



Coconut Lime Verbena-
Imagine being wisped away to a hidden island, hair slowly and chaotically flowing with the wind as it gently hits your face, as you are slowly riding along the shoreline on a beautiful sleek stallion taking in the lush aromas distinctive to the tropics.  Now, imagine your senses being invigorated with an exhilarating crisp breezy scent with a tropical undercurrent of exotic verbena mixed with a twinge of tangy lime.

Cucumber Melon-
This scent is a cooling, soothing and clean aroma rolled into one.  This scent is light and crisp and sure to be a winner for anyone.  It is refreshing and it gives new meaning to COOL AS A CUCUMBER!      

Strawberry- (infused with dried fruit) 
A family favorite fruit not just to eat but good for the skin as well.  This is a fun and flirty fragrance.  It brings youth and a refreshingly sweet and airy aroma that is an all time favorite for many.