Wonder Whip


A cloud like whipped lotion that YOU WILL HAVE TRY TO DESCRIBE AFTER YOU USE IT.  It is superbly light and fluffy and it will far exceed your expectations!  Available in lightly scented or unscented mouth- watering fragrances that linger.  It is HANDS down by far the best quality lotion you will ever use.  Be prepared to be addicted and the talk of the town with this remarkable product.  Carry it wherever you go and YOU WILL BE WALKING ON CLOUD NINE ALL DAY LONG! 

Available in 2 oz container                                                         


Bergamont & Coriander

An energizing blend of bergamont which is a clean, light and fruity sweetness blended with a touch of essential oil coriander for a long, distinct spicy, but openly sweet fragrance.


This is a light, refreshing and clean, but alluring fragrance. It speaks femininity for the multi-faceted woman. It is both a powerful but vulnerable scent.  This scent depicts a soft, but savvy woman in all of her essence.


You might be saying why would I want to smell like a Kumquat or you might catch yourself asking, what exactly is a kumquat. Rest assured, this scent is like a celebration with a cocktail, but without the hangover!  It is fruity, juicy and plush.  It flirts with your senses luring you back for just one more sniff of pure deliciousness.  Celebrate with kumquat and experience a non-alcoholic hangover!