Experience this spa-like feeling with this soap that has a very clean scent and is sure to transcend you to a peaceful, but relaxing vast expanse of a tranquil desert of nothingness!

Fun Facts:  Did you know that according to legend, Cleopatra helped preserve her beauty by bathing in milk. Now, maybe some of you are lactose intolerant and this is not an option. Or maybe you just prefer a brewski. The Czech Republic, has a brewery that offers visitors a 20-minute soak in a tub using a special "bathing beer" specially brewed to stimulate the skin and internal organs, followed by a complimentary mug of the brewery's rock lager, and I guarantee you Knots Away by B-A-NU-U, is much cheaper, more effective, and it smells a lot better than a lager.  So, are you ready for the challenge to try this out?

Scent:  Spa

Description:  This scent takes me to a happy place. It has a soothing effect, very relaxing.  It smells wonderfully fresh with all the right notes. It has a light floral and clean scent, but it is not flowery at all, it has green notes, and sweet notes and it perfectly like a warm spring day, fresh out of the shower! It is fresh and clean and is truly one of the best scents I have to offer.