A little piece of heaven for all you Lavender lovers out there.  If you have a jet or jacuzzi bath only use about 1/2 or less depending on the amount of bubbles you like.  No jets use the full truffle.  Comes in sets of 1, 3, 6 and 12.  Great for gifts as well.

Fun Fact:  Did you know that I had a customer tell me that she does not like the scent of Lavender; however, she has multiple cats, and she buys a bar of lavender soap and places it in the area where the liter box is and is absorbs the smell and actually smells great.  Interesting way to use soap or truffles!

Scent:  Lavender (lilac)

Scent:  Pumpkin (gold)

Scent:  Multiple mens' scent (blue)

Description:  A good lavender is a staple for any fragrance collection. THIS Lavender smells just like dried buds that have been rolled in the palms of your hands or fingers.  The scent lingers!

FOR SPECIAL ORDER TO MIX & MATCH OR DIFFERENT COLORS OR FRAGRANCES, PAY FOR THE QUANTITY THAT YOU WANT AND CALL 410-991-6261 to give me the details of your request, as we are happy to meet your request.  This is a good way to try different fragrances, and they also make GREAT gifts!  They also make great fragrance satchets to place in your clothing drawers.  

Please see our Specials as we will be introducing Specialized Scents and Colors over certain periods to introduce new products.