To Australians it's Rock Melon and to Americans, it's Musk Melon.  This soap has a touch of the orange for the melon with some blue and white circular swirls.

Fun Fact:  Did you know that in 2016, two 'premium' cantaloupes were sold for 3 million yen in Japan which converts to around -- WAIT FOR IT -- a whopping $27,240 at the time of purchase!!  Who wants to sell cantaloupes to Japan's luxury fruit market?  They especially like square and pyramid shaped cantaloupes.   You don't have to be from Japan and you don't need $27,240 to buy B-A-NU-U's soap and benefit from the luxury of rich lather and soft skin!

Scent:  Yes, you guessed it -- Cantaloupe!

Description:  Sweet and light, Cantaloupe tantalizes your senses and reminds you of wonderful summer days. This scent is a succulent, ripe cantaloupe picked at the peak of fresh perfection - juicy and fruity with no perfume overtones.