About us

About Our Family Business

Our family is no different than your family. We are hard-working Americans with a dream and a vision to always strive to be the best at all we undertake. Our business is no different. We were tired of half-truths related to product ingredients and fine print that excluded the hazards of ingredients. We were tired of investing our hard earned money for products that did not live up to our expectations or the company’s claims. We were tired of investing money in companies that were more interested in making a profit than in making a quality product.

I am a registered nurse who has studied herbs and their effectiveness. I have listened to patients for many years struggling with skin issues and realized that I was not alone in this battle for products that were beneficial to my skin. Thus, I began to research and develop bath and beauty products to create wholesome benefits to enhance one’s natural beauty without causing harm or danger to my body. My goals were simple and pure -- to create products for myself and my family’s personal use that would not harm us, but benefit us; products that made us feel special and left us smelling absolutely amazing. However, it had become apparent that the products (which are designed so that a little goes a long way) were diminishing very quickly from my home.

A thorough investigation ensued which revealed that my youngest son was so impressed with the products that he had been giving them away to his friends, who had given them to their girlfriends, who had given them to their parents and grandparents, and the cycle continued with the outpouring overwhelming consensus that they wanted more and more of the products. Thus, the journey for B-A-NU-U (pronounced Be A New You) began to grow wings and soar in flight.

It became evident that limiting our products to a select few was doing a disservice to many! Why shouldn’t other experience the magnificent benefits our quality products have to offer? Our products are not only fabulous, but produce results like no other product on the market. They are concentrated in that a little goes a long way. A 2 oz jar may be equivalent to a 6 oz jar of other products because you have to use so much of the competitor’s products to accomplish less than half of the benefits from B-A-NU-U. Our products unlike other products on the market do not dry out, and will leave your skin feeling silky smooth, clean, refreshed, rejuvenated with a radiant glow.

It is our deepest desire to serve you in ALL areas with sincere, quality and stellar customer service. Our personal and professional foundation is built with a backbone of integrity and honesty. We promise you that we will listen, be open to your suggestions and welcome suggestions any time. We also promise that we will listen to your needs and your wishes and will always be available to welcome your questions or concerns. We will continue to research and develop future products to bring you a plethora of amazing products to continue to keep your skin as beautiful as the day you were born!.

We want to grow with you, and we are a company that is not interested in a one- time customer, but instead, we are looking for you to become part of our B-A-NU-U family. Our pledge to you is that we will continue to offer the best quality products we can deliver to help you relieve the stress built into a typical day and to allow you to be the royalty you were created to be!!. So let our products wash your stress and worries away.

Family is very important to us and so are you!! Without you, our dream is incomplete. You are the missing puzzle piece for our vision to grow. I personally have been blessed beyond comprehension with a truly amazing God-given husband and two magnificent sons. There are, however, people less fortunate than I, struggling with issues of abuse and not having security or safety in their lives. B-A-NU-U’s goal is to reach those women and children who have been abused physically, emotionally and mentally and depleted of self-worth and dignity by the ones who they eagerly welcomed into their lives who swore to honor and protect, to love and to cherish.

One step at a time -- one product at a time, we can and will make a difference! We challenge you to partner with B-A-NU-U to make a difference in a broken families’ life and help put a dent into that cycle of abuse. You can help these women and children regain their God-given ability to thrive, to feel great about themselves and to pursue their dreams with confidence and the ability to stand proudly on their own two feet with the opportunity to pursue their dreams and be able to support their children knowing that they have love and the support of you and B-A-NU-U. Allow them to claim that the abuse and entrapment is in the past and a bright new future filled with an amazing adventure is possible. B-A-NU-U wants to give these women, and their children a chance to experience life free from abuse. We want these women and children to flourish in love and laughter and in the ability to be independent and break free with confidence this cycle of abuse and allow freedom to ring!

Will you help us?

Let our vision and dream become your vision and dream one woman and one child at a time. Don’t let these families suffer any longer. Be a significant part in making a difference not only in your life with quality products but in these abused peoples’ lives. A portion of our proceeds go directly to helping these individuals. It is B-A-NU-U’s long term goal to eventually take a mother in with her children and provide her with a means to financially support herself and her kids and to become independent and to thrive in a life filled with love and joy, not abuse and sadness. Become a part of Team B-A-NU-U. It all starts small, and as a team, we can accomplish mighty things together. We can’t tackle the immense psychosocial issues and stop this cycle of abuse without you and your support. Work with B-A-NU-U to renew strength, renew families, remove fear and return unity and confidence to thrive.

How can you help? Spread the word – Buy the products – and Believe that you WILL AND ARE MAKING AN IMPORTANT DIFFERENCE IN A PERSON’S LIFE and thank you in advance from the bottom of my heart! You rock!

What makes our company and our products different from other products??

  1. We truly care about you as a unique and special person.
  2. We will strive to honor and serve you with the best products we can create.
  3. The quality of our products and benefits speak for themselves.
  4. We value you and your experiences and comments, suggestions, concerns.
  5. We want to listen to how we can serve you better. 

We are about you and how we can make your skin more amazing than it already is by creating more spectacular products in the future!

OUR MISSION IS TO ASPIRE: A = ALWAYS keep God first and be ACCOUNTABLE; S = SEEK to humbly SERVE others; P = PRODUCE the best quality product; I = INSPIRE through love, laughter and example and INVOLVEMENT; R = RESPECT ALL and RESPOND quickly and efficiently to others' needs and E = EXCEL in all we do with EXCELLENCE!