Yabba Dabba doo!  As the saying goes, "A little dab'll do ya!"  This soap is as classic as Fred and Barney's Flintmobile.  Just like this archaic car did the job getting them around town, so too, will B-A-NU-U's Bedrock soap do the job of cleansing in a Bedrock way and will beat any other store bought brand -- wheels down!

Fun Fact:  Did you know that Joseph Barbera spent 8 weeks in Manhattan, living in a hotel, pitching the sitcom to potential sponsors and networks.  Nobody was biting until on the last day of the 8 weeks, he presented the show to ABC who took a chance and now it has become an immediate classic.  Moral of the story:  Persevere and never give up!

Scent:  Spearmint   

Description:  Rereshing minty spearmint aroma