This soap is AMAZING!  Black, Blue & White Swirl soap.  

Fun Facts:  Did you know that The largest wave ever recorded by humans measured 1,720 feet. It was triggered by an earthquake that hit Alaska's Lituya Bay, on July 9, 1958. In fact, two occupants of a small fishing boat that was in the area surfed that wave and survived to tell the story.  God's hand was certainly evident in that miraculous life altering event.  Staring death in the eye with your young son, I can't imagine.  I do know that God is awesome and miracles happen every day.  Do you have a miracle you can share with me?  Tell me your story for a free bar of soap!  Call me at 410-991-6261.

Scent:  Hawaiian Breeze

Description:  A tropical outdoor blend of juicy fruits blended with exotic flowers.