Black, White and Tan Checkered Soap sure to shout out to a creative and free spirit.  

Fun Fact:  Did you know that in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the Hawaiian Islands emerged as a powerful plantation economy that produced sugar, pineapple and coffee for export around the world. Plantation workers needed a rugged shirt that was suitable for hard labor in the fields. Within a generation, the checkered blue and white denim palaka became the standard work shirt of Hawaii. By the early 1930s the palaka Hawaiian shirts and blue denim trousers called sailor-mokus had almost become the official national costume of Hawaii both on and off the plantation.  Wear this soap with pride.

Scent:  Pomegranite & Black Currant

Description of Scent:  This fragrance is based on a delicious juice and is a blend of tart Pomegranate notes, enlivened by citrus zest and intertwined with juicy Black Currant notes with just some light hints of soft florals and leafy greens to give the fragrance depth. It is a surprisingly sweet blend, almost as if the pomegranates and black currants were sugared prior to blending.