Happy Feet



 How many of you work long and hard hours?
How many of you stand on your feet for long periods of time?
How many of you wear high heels?
How many of you have dry, hard areas on the soles and arches of your feet?
How many of you hide your feet behind ugly shoes because you are embarrassed with your feet?
How many of you ignore your feet?

Well, divas do I have great news for you!  It’s time for a little pampering and some TLC.  Happy Feet is a product that produces the ultimate relaxation experience exclusive only to Happy Feet.  This product could leave your feet feeling REVITALIZED, REFRESHED AND RENEWED!  Happy Feet is an exciting experience you won't want to miss.  You will look forward each day to putting on those Stilettos because your feet will be fueled for another day of adventure after using Happy Feet! 

This product commands an authoritative scent!  YOU CANNOT PASS UP ON THIS PRODUCT – IT IS A MUST HAVE NEED for your bi-weekly feet treatment schedule!  YOUR FEET ARE BEGGING YOU PLEASE, CLICK ON ME TO ORDER!  A little bit goes a long way.

Available in a 2 oz container                                                                    


Fresh, nostalgic and instantly recognizable scent that has the ability to invigorate the mind and senses, but it can also instill a sense of peace and provide a boost of positivity. It is a sharp, commanding minty-fresh camphoraceous cool, but distinctive scent.