This is one of our most popular soaps.  Just like Houdini this soap is like an amazing magical act.  Use and watch the soap disappear in front of your very eyes as the Loofah remains!  Loofahs can be used after the soap is done  -- be creative!.

Fun Facts:  Did you know that Matthias Buchinger, an 18th Century famous magician was born without arms or legs. Anyway he developed himself and became a magician, a calligrapher and a musician. Apart from all his professional achievements, he became the father of eleven children.  What an inspiration and a voice for overcoming all odds and making the impossible POSSIBLE!  Help B-A-NU-U be an inspiration for our cause to help abused women and children to be brave enough to stop the cycle and save themselves and their children.  Buy soap and be a part of our vision and mission to help these women and children.

Scents/Colors:  Multiple