Can't you just picture yourself at this snowy ski Chalet with Christmas lights glistening on the roof and cozying up to a warm fire.  I'm there as long as I can stay until it melts and the roads are clear -- what about you?

Fun Facts:  Did you know:  Chalets were originally built for areas with larger levels of snowfall and used to house herders of dairy cattle. Their purpose was to store milk and butter in Switzerland and French Savoy during summer months. In fact, the word ‘Chalet’ in Latin means ‘Shelter’ or ‘Hut of a herder’. At the end of summer, the herders would take the livestock and products to the flat lands and lower valleys before the cold months arrived, leaving the chalets unattended and unoccupied.

During the winter months, the chalets would remain locked up and closed for the season. Around the turn of the last century outdoor enthusiasts discovered they could travel to these alpine regions, and herders discovered the market for these vacationers and began offering their homes for people to stay.

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Scent:  Candy Cane

Description:  A candy aroma of fresh peppermint and sweet vanilla.