This soap has fine layers of charcoal which has amazing benefits for the skin.  The soap produces a thick, rich lather which moisturizes and cleanses the skin!

Fun Facts:  Did you know that touch is the first sense we develop in utero, and it is crucial to survival. Babies can die from lack of it -- how awful!  Adults can become lonely and distant putting up walls from the outside without it.  Studies say that being touched can reduce stress by lowering levels of hormones like cortisol.  So treat yourself to a special touch with B-A-NU-U's soap.  The soft touch that you will feel by using our soap is a perk that you cannot do without!

Scent:  Jack Frost

Description:  A cool, crisp blend of mint and vanilla with nuances of pine. 

If this soap appeals to your visual palate, but the scent is just not working for you or you would like a special order with a different color, call us at 410-991-6261 and we will be happy to offer a scent/color that works for you!