DEEP PINK/PURPLE, YELLOW AND WHITE SWIRL.  This one is a WOW factor.  A definite knockout and one NOT TO MISS.

Fun Fact:  Guess what -- I don't have one for this soap, but i have something much better.  One of my favorite artists is Tobymac -- he is absolutely awesome.  One of his older songs is entitled Show Stopper.  He talks about spreading hope to the monopoly.  We, too, at B-A-NU-U desire to spread our wings and share a message of hope and love to everyone from all walks of life daily and to reach the monopoly to let each person know that YOU are valued, special and have worth.  We ask that you do the same in return and also that you share with everyone you know how amazing and astonishing B-A-NU-U products are.  We are here to serve you -- after all that's what life is all about serving others, right?

SCENT:  Hawaiian Breeze 

Description:  A tropical outdoor blend of juicy fruits blended with exotic flowers.